Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich
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Tarragon Chicken Salad Sanwiches1 boneless skinless chicken breast, cooked chopped and cooled *
1/2 light cup mayonnaise (if salad is too dry you can add more)
1 teaspoon dried tarragon
1/2 cup sliced toasted almonds
12 slices thin sliced French bread

Cover and chill  for a couple hours, so that the flavors meld.

Serve on thin sliced French bread. Also good served over fresh salad greens accompanied by crackers. Serves 6

* Note this is a full size breast, not a half breast.

Per Serving (one sandwich): 307 Calories; 12g Fat (35.9% calories from fat); 2g Saturated Fat; 18g Protein; 32g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 35mg Cholesterol; 436mg Sodium.  Exchanges: 2 Grain(Starch); 2 Lean Meat; 2 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates.
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Dried Herb Substitutions

For quick reference, a good rule of thumb is to substitute one teaspoon of crumbled dried , or 1/4 teaspoon powdered or dried herbs for each one tablespoon of fresh herbs called for.

Bay leaves are the only exception to most substitutions. Since they lose much of their flavor when dried, you should replace one fresh bay leaf with two dried bay leaves.


Most herbal flavors and aromas are released by heat. Although fresh herbs are usually preferred, dried versions can be used.


When possible, grind whole spices in a grinder or use a stone mortar & pestle just prior to using for enhanced flavor.


Toasting or dry roasting whole spices in a dry skillet over medium heat before grinding will bring out even more flavor.