How to Grow Herbs

Herbs can be grown in a very little space. It is easy to grow them along the side of the house or garage or you can try growing herbs in a container on your balcony or deck. Herbs thrive very comfortably in windowsill planters, too. Many herbs make good indoor houseplants during the winter months so you will never be without a supply for you culinary talents.

Most herbs need a sunny location, and only a few, including angelica, woodruff and sweet cicely, are better grown in partial shade.

Cultivation of Rice Paddy Herb

Site: In Vietnam, rice paddy herb is mostly cultivated in flooded rice fields. Because it is grown in high temperatures with high humidity, rice paddy herb cultivation is a true challenge outside the tropics.

Propagation: Get fresh stems from another plant (usually can be found at a Thai or Vietnamese grocer). Place stems in water. Roots will form within a couple of weeks. While they are rooting, they must be covered with a plastic bag (specialty veggie or produce bags work great) to ensure humidity. Place in a shadowy but not dark place as sunlight will kill at this phase.

Growing: When enough roots have been formed, plant the stems into a very tall, clear glass or plastic container filled with soil to cover most of the roots. (You could probably take sheet of thick plastic and make a long tube. That would work too. See Photo Number 3 A mixture of ordinary soil plus small bits of porous clay pots. Keep the plants warm and humid. After a few days, they will able to take intense sunlight or partial sunlight.

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Culinary Uses: Rice paddy herb is one of the many culinary herbs used only or predominantly in Vietnamese cuisine. The lemon aroma pairs beautifully with fresh water fish. In South Vietnam, it is used in a sweet sour fish soup. The herb is not cooked, but served raw and coarsely chopped as part of the herb garnish that is used in South Vietnamese dishes.


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